The New Style of Isolation Platform

With the addition of the GenieMat FF Modular to our product line, we now have a new way to build a proper isolation platform or floating floor. The picture below shows a platform built to isolate a washer and dryer. The base of this platform is three consecutive layers of 3/4″ OSB, one layer of GenieMat FF-70 Modular, topped with a double layer of 3/4″ OSB with Green Glue Compound between the two layers.

This was built on top of a 3/4″ OSB sub-floor on the second floor of a new home. The rubber isolation components on the bottom side of the GenieMat FF Modular must be able to compress to isolate vibrations. If this were a concrete structure then the triple layer 3/4″ OSB beneath the GenieMat FF Modular would not be needed. A massive concrete sub-floor allows the rubber to compress without the aid of additional products because of its considerable mass. With a wood structure, however, the sub-floor and joist system will flex under pressure not allowing the rubber to properly compress. Adding an additional 7+ pounds per square foot beneath the GenieMat FF Modular provides a stiffer base for the rubber to compress against, to an extent mimicking the advantages of a concrete structure. The performance is ultimately the same or very similar to that of an installation over a concrete structure.

The additional double layer of 3/4″ OSB on top of the GenieMat FF Modular, which has a 3/4″ OSB top itself, aids in further deflection and allows a chance to include Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound to the platform. The damping properties of Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound reduce the sound transfer into the GenieMat FF Modular providing a more well balanced approach to isolating heavy, noisy things like a washer and dryer on a second floor.


GenieMat FF-70 Platform

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