The concept of pre-damped engineered drywall is not really much different than Green Glue Compound between two layers of drywall. Pre-damped drywall will perform better than resilient channel and better than mass loaded vinyl, but there are some problems with this approach that should be pointed out. Here’s a short list:

  • Damping adhesive used in pre-damped drywall is not nearly as efficient as Green Glue Compound resulting in lower performance regardless if installation is successful.
  • Only one layer of material is hung which increases risk of a faulty installation. Installation instructions include requirements to use an expensive acoustical sealant on the perimeter of each sheet before hanging, along with thin lead strips behind each joint.
  • Pre-damped drywall is very heavy and the most commonly purchased style includes a cement board backing that can really only be cut with a circular saw rather than a razor knife like you can with any standard drywall.
  • Labor is saved by not having to apply the Green Glue Compound, but savings from this are quickly lost because of the weight of the material being hung and the difficult in cutting the material.

Our Advice

Green Glue Compound with double layer drywall is roughly 35% less than pre-damped engineered drywall solutions – this includes all materials and labor. The Green Glue Compound solution costs less, performs better, easier to install, and no risk of installing incorrectly unless you forget to apply the glue. Given this, why would anyone use pre-damped engineered drywall to isolate sound? Our experience is that many will try the pre-damped drywall, but few will continue to use the pre-damped drywall out of frustration for the many pitfalls of the pre-damped drywall solution.

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