It is a very bad idea to install recessed lighting in a sound rated ceiling and not treat the back of each recessed light. The loss of mass is the biggest issue and needs to be restored properly to avoid sound leaks through the light housing. There are a couple solutions on the market that look basically like an fibrous insulation hat that sits on top of the light housing. These products might help a little, but ultimately not much more than overlaying the light with insulation. What is lacking from these products is mass. These products try to use absorption to isolate sound which does not address the actual problem caused by the recessed light which is the lost mass.

Our QuietBox solution restores the mass in line with double layer 5/8″ drywall with Green Glue Compound between each layer. And just as important, the entire box is decoupled from the joists using resilient clips with the box being sealed to the back of the ceiling drywall.

Our Advice: You do not have to buy a QuietBox to isolate your recessed light, you can make your own if you want. Any other solution though will not properly address the lost mass from the recessed lighting. If you design your own box then be sure to follow the requirements of restoring ceiling mass, decouple your solution from the joists, and make sure to seal the box to the drywall to avoid sound leaks.

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